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CrysX – 3D Viewer FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How to cite this product?

CrysX – 3D Viewer: an Android and Windows application for visualizing and modelling crystal structures and molecules in 3D.

Is it free?

Yup! It’s completely free to use.

Will it get updates?

CrysX is always in development and will get regular updates. I still have a lot of features planned that I have to add. So updates are gonna be frequent.

Where can I download the supported .xyz or .cif files from?

CrysX works best with .cif files downloaded from AMCSD database as well as
For .xyz files, you can download the mol files from ChemSpider or CACTUS and then convert it to .xyz format using Open Babel or this tool.

When will CrysX come to Linux, iOS and MacOS?

Soon. The application packages are almost ready. But I cannot afford to buy an Apple device right now for testing. So basically as soon as I can borrow one or buy one, I will test it and publish to those platforms. Linux package should be available in March 2019.

Can I visualize DNA or biomolecules?

Technically yes, BUT since biomolecules or DNA are extremely large molecules, the application may slow down drastically and become unusable. CrysX is mainly suitable for viewing crystal structures and molecules with less than 500 atoms. Although depending on your system, this number will be different.