Performing SYMBOLIC/ANALYTICAL Integration or Differentiation using PYTHON [TUTORIAL]


#Differentiation and Integration using Python
import sympy as sp
#from sympy import *

#To change the printing method of SymPy Live

#Declare symbolic variables explicitly which are to be treated as symbols
x = sp.symbols('x')
y = sp.symbols('y')

#Indefinite Integration
integral = sp.integrate('1/sqrt(1-x*x)*1/sqrt(1-(1+x)**2)', x)

#Definite integration
#integral = sp.integrate('x**2 + x + 1', (x,0,1))

#Pretty print demo
sp.pprint(sp.Integral(x**2 + x + 1, x))

derivative = sp.diff('sin(x)', x)


YouTube Tutorial

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