Quantum Mechanics and Applications-I (2015) [Physics Honours-Delhi University Question Paper(FYUP)]

Here is the question paper of Quantum Mechanics and Applications-I for Physics Honors students of fifth(V) semester, FYUP batch.

Click to Download as PDF: qm applications fyup 2015 27 november du question paper

The paper was held today, that is 27th November 2015.
The paper was fairly simple but very, VERY! LENGTHY!! Even though I knew almost all the topics asked in the paper, I couldn’t have done the paper on time if I hadn’t memorized some of the key relations which were being derived in the solutions. Having memorized them I didn’t have to waste a lot of time in solving the long differential equations.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t solve the question 6(b). I hadn’t seen it anywhere before,(Now I know that it was pretty simple).
Most of the solutions can be found in DJ. Griffiths or M.C. Jain.
The books I used to prepare for the exam were: Griffiths(Introduction to quantum Mechanics) and Aruldhas (Quantum Mechanics).
Both the books used quite simple and similar notations and helped me a lot in building the basic understanding.

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