Taylor Swift Fanz Hub (For Win 8.1 & WP 8.1)

Bragitoff brings you the best fan app ever.Taypic
If you are a Taylor Swift fan and can’t remember the lyrics of her songs properly or didn’t see her latest video when it came out then you are not a good fan, are you?

We make the job easier for you by providing everything packed into a single app of size 8mb.

The best part is the app is available across all devices and once you own the app on any one of your devices you can download it on any other of your devices.


This is a complete app which will help you follow your favorite star in a better and easy way.

Get it Here—–>  https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/Apps/Taylor-Swift-Fanz-Hub/9WZDNCRD27ZX

You will have all the lyrics, new music videos and tweets at your finger tips.
Being A Dedicated Fan is now Easier Than Ever.

This app is brought to you by www.bragitoff.com
The app is developed by Manas Sharma.
If you have any issues notify us in the reviews. Please don’t give bad ratings without a reason.
Don’t forget to rate the app. Please be kind.
Hope you like it.




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