How to make your own Music?

A lot of people these days are into Electronic Dance Music or simply EDM. This kind of music has gotten quite popular over the past years and EDM artists have accumulated a lot of Fans over the world too. Everyone has their own favourite, Swedish House Mafia, Sir Armin Van Buren, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and the list goes on and on. Now lets get to business, so you want to make your own music too?
Well you are in Luck as there are over tonnes of softwares available that let you do just that. However I am going to cover only one software, that I use and find very good and useful.

It’s called Magix Music Maker. It is feature rich software that lets you create your dj loops, in various pitches, lets you record your voice with the music playing, lets you tweak your voice’s pitch and other stuff, lets you record other midi instruments. You can even add tonnes of effects to your recorded sounds and sound like an actual singer. Even if you don’t wanna sing and just want to produce pure digital music. Magix Music Maker is good for that too.

Now let me declare that this software is neither free nor available for trial as far as I know, if it is then let me know in the comments. Anyways, those of you who have spent their month’s pocket money already, you will have to be careful and start saving. You could go on with the article to see how the software works and if you like it you can maybe save some money and then Buy it. Anyways, lets begin with it.

  1. Go to the Magix website and go to the Music section or just go to the link you see in the picture.

    Magix Music Maker Website Link
  2. Now you will see some versions of the software available for purchase like Magix Music Maker Hip Hop Edition Magix Music Maker Premium and maybe more.
  3. Now you gotta decide as to which kind of Music you’re gonna be making and choose your product accordingly. Although I would recommend, that you get the Premium Edition available for a hundred bucks(dollars).
  4. Why I recommend this? Because it will contain all the soundtracks for the other versions of Magix Music Maker and so you won’t have to stay stuck to only one kind of music, but instead you could make many kinds of music, you liked.
  5. Just a little note. : This article is strictly for Magix Music Maker Premium, so don’t be surprised to see some features missing or a different UI if you are using another version of Magix Music Maker. Although if you have gone ahead and bought the Hp-Hop edition cause of pocket restrictions then you can check out my another article for its features and working. You can check it out even if you haven’t bought it and then choose among the two.
  6. From now on I’m gonna assume that you bought the Magix Music Maker premium edition.
  7. After you have bought it download it and install it on your computer.
  8. After you have registered, you will be able to update the soundpools available and try new sounds after downloading it from internet.
  9. When you open the application, a dialog box pops up and you can download more sounds or watch the introduction video. I just realized that I have never watched it. But then it’s the beauty of this application, that it is so easy to use so you probably wouldn’t need to.

    Magix Opening Dialog Box
  10.   Okay now choose load a new project, to get started with your music endeavor.

    Choose your Project or start a new one!
  11. Here is how your screen should look like.

    Your Magix Premium Edition UI/Screen
  12. Now if you would look at the bottom left corner you can find various styles of music sounds. These sounds are available in different tempos and pitches, so that you can use them according to your needs. The sound styles that you get in your package may be different than what is shown in the picture, depending on the version you buy.
  13. In this particular example I have selected the Hip-Hop volume 12. Now in the music styles you can select various instruments, ranging from Drums, Strings, Vocals, Bass and other fx and synths. Under the particular instrument you will find a list of the sounds available in mostly same tempos, which you can change according to your needs.
  14. The sound fragments are described the bpm, length in bars and key.
  15. If you want to add your vocals which are in different key than a-minor which is the default key in the software you can change it via the pitch option. 6 pitches are available.
  16. How to Start Composing?: Now to add a particular sound to your new Magix file just drag the desired file from the sound pool to the workspace as shown in the image.

    Drag the track into the workspace
  17. You can add combinations of the sounds in various layers and compose a groovy song.
  18. You can even remix and edit an existing music/song file on your computer by loading it from the file manager.
  19. And then dragging it to the workspace.
  20. The music sequences in the work space can be edited by right clicking on them and you can adjust volume, tempo and pitch.
  21. Another sweet feature is that you can click on the fx icon at the left side of the workspace and you can add almost uncountable number of effects. The effects are categorized according to the instrument. Suppose you want to add in a bit of guitar tune that you played. You can do so by recording it and then choosing an effect for the guitar by clicking on the guitar option.
  22. I forgot one thing. How to record your instrument. Though the Magix Music Maker accepts MIDI input, but I have seen and experienced that most of the amateur/beginner/rookie artists or composers are mostly unlikely to have these, if its just a hobby. No worries, you can still record your voice or instrument using your microphone.
  23. OKAY?? I guess I have covered almost all the points that needed to be cleared up, and the above steps will get you started for your Project. There are a million things that you would be able to do as you get your hands on it. You would be producing Professional quality music in no time, once you get experienced.
    If you are not ready to make that kind of a commitment without knowing what kind of music, the software is capable of making, you can check out one of the tracks I made.Here’s the link:

    For now, that’s it. Don’t forget to leave your comments and doubts in the comments section. Also share with us the software you use to create your Music.

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3 thoughts on “How to make your own Music?

  1. Try a full fledged Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which will have all the features for easily composing and recording studio quality music.

    I personally like FL Studio.

  2. Hello
    can you help me about music I choose any music and use it on my youtube videos but it shows CopyRight !
    what i do ? i don’t want any issue about my videos


    1. You can’t post other’s music to earn money on YouTube. You will always get a copyright notice. However, it doesn’t always mean that you have to take down your video.
      Sometimes, the original owner, may allow you to post their music but you can’t earn money from it.
      But some owners may not allow it, so YouTube will take down your video. YouTube tells you what you need to do in every case.

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