A Doctor’s Life…

Dedicated to all Doctors


10 reasons why I chose Doctor as profession:

1. I hate sleeping.

2. I have enjoyed my life in childhood.

3. I can’t Live without Tension.

4. I wanted 2 have a disturbed life.

5. I believe in Geeta “karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo”.

6. I wanted 2 take revenge on myself.

7. I love dreaming diseases .

8. I love 2 work on holidays.

9. I can’t live without mobile hooked on my ears even in the bathroom .

(the best one)

10.I love to get money only when I am too old to enjoy it.



PhD researcher at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany. I'm a physicist specializing in computational material science. I write efficient codes for simulating light-matter interactions at atomic scales. I like to develop Physics, DFT and Machine Learning related apps and softwares from time to time. Can code in most of the popular languages. Like to share my knowledge in Physics and applications using this Blog and a YouTube channel.
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