(adjective) Meaning: of or pertaining to cooking.



chefs cooking dessert dish culinary
image sentence: The chefs are working to create a culinary masterpiece.



How to use culinary in a sentence.

1. I have been interested in the culinary arts from a young age.
2. It ‘s not just culinary delight, but a comfortable, effortless, night out.
3. I want to start a shop on culinary tools and materials in the city.
4. Maintaining of the culinary in a five star hotel is a challenging job.
5. I’m fond of watching various kinds of culinary shown on cookery shows.
6. They serve a variety of culinary delights.
7. Luckily for the birds, the city ‘s renowned culinary specialities don’t include fowl.
8. Now you can create your own culinary masterpiece without the hassle.
9. The menu is packed with intriguing culinary delights to tempt even the most jaded palate.
10. Among the culinary specialities of the region are the sausages and salamis made from wild boar.

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