QUIZ UP- Physics Questions List(images)- #1

QUIZ UP!! The famous android quiz game/app has got me addicted. It has a huge, ginormous, humongous, gigantic no. of topics and as many questions.

Quiz up android iphone app physics question

I have been enjoying the Physics Quiz, especially cause I am a Physics sophomore at the University of Delhi and love Physics.

Though the number of questions is a lot, nevertheless you will encounter a lot of repeat questions. Which makes it quite important to remember the correct answers of the questions in case you face the same question again.

I find it more beneficial as it helps me learn and a lot of revision keeps me in touch with my Physics course.
The questions are as follows:




Hey! I am a Physics Major at the University of Delhi. I dream of being a Theoretical Physicist one day. I love playing Guitar in my free time. I can speak English, Hindi and a little French. I am also a Web Development Enthusiast and a hardcore Gamer.

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