Facebook not working right now- 19th june 2014 (1300 hrs)

Just returned home and tried to access my facebook account but was surprised to see that the website is displaying an error code stating that they are working on it right now and will restore it shortly. At first I thought that there might be some problem with my browser… I use Internet explorer btw…So I logged into facebook from Mozilla, Opera but got similar results i.e. the error message. I am attaching the screen shots of the error codes from the major browsers.ie



I then thought that there might be a problem with my modem/router so I even restarted and reset it but still facebook.com is down/ not working as of 1400hrs on 6th june 2014

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I dream of being a Theoretical Physicist one day. I love playing Guitar in my free time. I can speak English, Hindi and a little French. I am also a Web Development Enthusiast and a hardcore Gamer.

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